Board Governance Overview

A workshop for boards and executive leaders

DNA Partners offers a seminar/workshop on board governance. It provides an overview of the structure, rationale and key functions of governing boards as well a review of current best practices for the vital board functions. The seminar may be tailored to specific needs of an organization in content, length and participation.

Target audience

This workshop is designed for governing bodies who wish to increase their overall effectiveness in carrying out their oversight role and who seek to stay up-to-date on current governance best practices. Typical audiences include:

  • For-profit and not-for profit boards, boards of trustees in academic settings
  • Senior executive leadership teams seeking to understand their proper relationship to the board
  • Boards where there has been recent turnover, new leadership or the addition of new members
  • Newly formed organizations engaged in initial board formation
  • Newly appointed board members needing orientation and onboarding
  • Custom training sessions for individual board members or subgroups to address specific needs


This workshop covers the essential elements of good board governance for any governing body. While the content may be shaped to fit a particular type of organization, the core underlying principles of good governance are universal and well established. This seminar seeks to build that foundation of understanding.

Sample topics covered

  • Common pitfalls and typical issues most boards grapple with
  • How to identify, recruit and appoint effective board members
  • How to form an effective board – structure, composition, key processes, meeting frequency, term limits
  • The role and function of board committees, board assessment/evaluation and feedback processes

Seminar Leader

Chuck Orrestad


CEO and Managing Partner Chuck Orrestad is an experienced and trusted advisor to senior leaders and organizations with deep executive experience in the areas in which he consults. Chuck’s senior leadership roles have spanned public and private companies, startup and turnaround ventures as well as not-for-profit organizations. His insights as board member, board leader and as someone who has had board accountability give him a unique operational perspective valued by our clients.

After several years at Bell Laboratories and Johnson & Johnson early in his career, Chuck led product development and operations efforts at several global medical device companies. More recently, Chuck has served as COO in a series of emerging technology companies and as President of an international not-for-profit venture.

Chuck holds a master's degree from Stanford University and a bachelor's degree from the University of Washington.

Learn more:

Contact Chuck Orrestad by phone 206.267.0345 or by email.